On going Portie Walks! ** These Walks are currently not being organized due to life circumstances but PLEASE, anyone interested, can go to either of these parks at the mentioned times and meet up with other PWD owners! If none other is there, at least you still get a nice walk with your PWD!

1) The First Sunday of the month is Portie Promanade at Bruce Pit at 3pm.

2) The second Sunday of every month is at Conroy Pit at 3pm.

Both places are off leash dog parks. ! Click on to the Gallery to see some pic's!


This is the first page (that I know of) that is for and about Portuguese Water Dogs in the National Capital Area.

I wanted to make a site to assist owners and admirers of PWD's in making connections with each other.

A proud owner and breeder of PWD's, I enjoy being able to meet and talk with experienced Portie people, new portie people and people who would like to know more about the breed.

Of course getting to know a few more wonderful dogs along the way is a bonus!

There is a growing community of Portie owners in the National Capital Region and it is great that we can get together for walks, workshops, shows and training.

If you are someone who is lucky enough to have a PWD in your family or is someone interested in PWD's and would like to be added to a list of others please e-mail me at pwd@k9concepts.ca

If you have questions or would like to contribute to these pages please e-mail me!

Another season of Water Training

May 2010 started another season of Water Training. With 9 dogs signed up, we started with reviewing obedience skills! Any dog owner knows that if your dog isn't listening to your instructions or knowing they have to stay with you, you aren't going to get too far in training for any dog sport! After obedience skills were tuned up, we reviewed Junior level exercises. All training at this point was done in Orleans, on Dry Land. We continued to meet for training about twice a month in May and June, covering more obedience, perfecting known skills and learning new ones for Apprentice Level. Retrieves, building drive, 'holding', Under Water retieves, Recall to Boat, heeling and staying close while off leash plus more. Once the warm weather hit, we took a road trip to Maxville, ON. where we were given an opportunity to put our boat in the water at Ambertrails (a field Retriever training facility). The dogs had a great time there and really enjoyed the water. So the following classes were held at Brewer Park in Ottawa. There is a small water area where dogs are allowed and a great dock that they could learn to jump from and bring objects back to.

Although none of the owners elected to trial at this years Water Trial in Cornwall, all the dogs improved their skills and learned new ones (for some dogs - swimming was a new skill!). It was a wonderful summer for training and maybe one of these years we will have some Ottawa dogs go to trial and gain their Water Dog levels!

See some pictures here

Doggone Happy Birthday

May 4th, 2010 was the 1st birthday of Kathy Blake's (Port O'Kay) 3rd litter of Portuguese Water Dogs. Whelped by Lontra and sired by Tiago, this lively bunch of yearling pups had a birthday party to remember!

They celebrated their birthday with two girls, Alexa Gurtler (9) and Maddy Keys (9) who happened to be celebrating their birthdays too!. Marlene Keys, mother of Maddy and owner of Porshe (puppy from the third litter) decided to organize a combined birthday party for the girls and the puppies!

The party had to be held at dog friendly location so Bruce Pit was chosen. Kathy knew of a field that was a little out of the way where we could spread out and not interfere too much with the other off leash dogs. And although the sky and weather forcasters were warning of an impending storm, the Portie People of Ottawa prevailed! Prepared to get soaked, all in the name of a celebration of our pups, 17 of us showed up! And the weather couldn't have been BETTER! It was a beautiful evening to have a party.

Guests included:

Lontra's First Litter: Guiness (owner Karen Bomba - Reed), Zack (Su Thomas)

Lontra's Second Litter: Cruz (May Ann Vangaal), Stella (Catherine Goodman),Rio (coming with Su Thomas) , Lady (Andree O'Donnell) - just moving back to Ottawa this month after being away for 2 years, and looking forward to getting reacquainted with her PWD family.

Lontra's Third Litter: - The birthday puppies - Porto (Josee Dionne), Meia (Jackie Van Dalen), Porsche (Marlene + Madelyn Keys - other party girl), Lusea (Kim + Alexa Gurther - other party girl), Dekker (Dana Elias) - traveling from Kingston!

Other Attendees: Lontra (Kathy Blake - who made it all happen), Arctium (Lontra's trusted side kick), Mina + Pico (Dominique Racine-Dickie), Tiago (Cyndi Morin) - Tiago is Daddy to the birthday puppies

There were loot bags for the dog owners, filled with goodies from bandana's, toys, canned food, cute pins plus more! There were cookies for the humans and lots of good company. The Ottawa Citizen was alerted to this celebration and sent out a photographer to document the occasion. Click here to see the article!

Girls with dogs on leash

girls with Kathy Blake and pups

pups on the run!

getting ready for some hoola-hooping!

Ottawa Portie Owners Transformed into Groovin' Groomers

With three Porties in my household, grooming studios have been my appointment book mainstay and pocket book pincher for years.  Last year, I elected to tackle the task myself.  With a few purchased grooming items and a close study of the charts, I began my trial and error career as an amateur groomer.  If Fergus looked a little like Grommet or Gracie a little like she's been through a blender, so be it … “the hair will grow back!”

For the new owners of Gracie's first litter of puppies last Spring, I included contact information for my friend and pro groomer Shari Robinson (Keepsake Kennels) as someone who could provide grooming services or even lessons. This gave me an idea – perhaps there were others out there like me who might like to take on the task of grooming their own Porties?  Shari agreed to offer a special session for Portie owners and I was thrilled to find 17 interested participants. On Sunday January 24 th , we gathered at a local dog obedience hall to set up our grooming tables and get our freshly bathed, dried and brushed sidekicks ready for their lessons. 

First came our lesson in proper equipment, bathing and brushing technique. How a store-bought grooming table and arm is superior to the “bored and complaining spouse”. How one works the slicker brush and comb together for a great line brush.  Why it's perfectly OK to let your friend lie down for his/her brushing as it can give you both a comfortable experience for a good and long session.  How the spray bottle missed with shampoo is a great way to get the suds working for a good bath.  And, how to get rid of those tangles and mats.  All this BEFORE we picked up our scissors!

Next came the lesson in scissoring … and the obedience hall is transformed into a grooming shop!  Trimming the face, shaping the head and legs and working those delicate areas around the ears and genitals were all on the menu. We also tackled ear hair plucking and the dreaded toenail clip! Without a drop of blood, our dogs were transformed before our eyes and – best of all – under our own hands! 

Owners left inspired and full of confidence in their new-found skills, with several asking for a refresher course in a few months. 

“I thought the session was great! It was like 6 weeks packed into 3 hours!!  Shari is such a 'seasoned' groomer - she made everything seem effortless and even 'fun.' Thanks Shari, I needed that!!!  Darla and Sea-Enna

“The grooming class was great. Shari makes it look so easy … I'm sure he [Decker] won't care if we mess up the first few times.”  Chris, Dana and Dekker

“I just wanted to thank you for organizing our session with Shari … I learned a lot … just the part on how she does the ears will help owners avoid ear problems ... This morning I brushed Mateus and worked on his feet and I actually cut his nails for the very first time!  He fought a little … but I was firm and he will have to get used to it. What a relief to not have to rely on others to cut his nails.”  Lisa and Mateus

Shari shows us how to maintain clean ears

grooming workshop 1

Shari demonstrates scissoring technique and shaping



Shari explains grooming strategies



“Dry” Land Training Day for a Dozen of Ottawa's Finest Porties

Saturday, May 30, 2009.  As the skies mercifully cleared, I was thrilled to host a 3-hour water trialing workshop for a dozen of Ottawa's finest Portuguese Water Dogs and their dedicated owners.  Equipped in our rubber boots, we began with an overview of the importance of training on “dry” land – not so dry after four days of continuous rain, but close enough for those who might wrongly think a boat and ready water access are prerequisites.  (I have competed from Junior through Working level with no boat and minimal water contact.)

Next we reviewed the various Water Trialing levels, equipment used and a few tricks of training our beloved sidekicks. Following a short warm-up with some basic commands, we started “working” to get our dogs excited about retrieving bumpers.  Of course, some of our high-drive Porties need little encouragement on that front.  For the more laid back, a little cajoling and a few yummy treats was all it took to get things rolling.  It was great to see everyone working with such confidence in their wonderful companions.

A quick break to catch our breath and it's time for … the dreaded dumbbell!  Once everyone understands how important a reliable “Hold” is to reliable retrieving, owners began teaching their dogs to “Take”, “Hold” and “Give” the dumbbell.  Wow!  What amazing perseverance.  At the end of 15 minutes, virtually all the dogs were holding and giving the dumbbells when told. 

Next came Boat Boarding.  After heeling to the “boat” – in our case an agility pause table – each dog was commanded to board the boat, then to “Sit” or “Down” as the owner sat beside the dog for 30 seconds before disembarking together, always in control.  The 60' Recall went very well as well, with all dogs bolting to their owner and boarding our makeshift boat like Water Trialing pros. 

Another round of dumbbells to push the dogs' obedience thresholds and to encourage the dog to move while holding the dumbbell.  Again, great success as most dogs master the “Bring” command with Portie-style finesse! 

We wrap up the session – running only 25 minutes over time – with a mock run-though of the Junior level of Water Trialing.  Even after 3.5 hours of training, the Porties performed wonderfully and their masters were enthusiastic about further training opportunities.  Perhaps we'll have a few dogs out to represent the PWD's in Ottawa at the 2010 Specialty in Long Sault! 

Special thank you to Kathy Blake of Port O'Kay Kennels for helping out with the equipment, dog holding and taking many wonderful pictures.

Al & Mina practice "Hold" and "Bring"

Al and Mina

Bonita and Bella practice "Recall to the Boat"

Bonita & Bella

Coco and Faro practice the "Toss" from behind the 3 foot line

Coco & Faro

Training with rewards for Crosby to deliver his bumper to hand


Morgan and Trooper doing an obedience warm up

Morgan and Trooper

Linda & TanSea, Darla and Sea-Enna, Al and Mina practicing the dumbell hold

dumbbell hold

Lisa and Mateus practing the Stay on the Boat

Lisa and Mateus

Mark and Buddy practicing the Sit and Stay on the Boat

Mark and Buddy

Randy and Baci practice Off Leash control

Randy and Baci

Skipper retrieving his bumper


Group Picture

Group Pic

Portie Walks in Ottawa

Each month, some of the finest Portuguese Water Dogs and their owners gather together to enjoy an outing that is good for the owners and great for the dogs.  Watching the dogs and owners getting to know each other is great.  Back in 2005 Kathy Blake (Port O'Kay Kennel) and I (Cyndi Morin - Lookout [CDN] Kennel) came up with the idea of meeting together to walk our Portuguese Water dogs (4 of them between us at the time) at our local dog park.

We are fortunate in Ottawa to have 2 large off leash dog parks. One in our West-end “Bruce Pit” and one in the East-end “ Conroy Pit”. As we met with other Water Dog owners, we would invite them to join us. Word quickly spread with the help of Kathy's descriptive posters that she placed on the news boards at the entrance to the parks. Before we knew it, we were a group of 10 – 20!

As it became apparent that we were officially a “group” we decided to start acting like it so we agreed that we should make our PWD Promenade's more regular. To accommodate as many PWD owners as possible, we chose to walk the 1 st Sunday of every month at Bruce Pit and the 2 nd Sunday of each month at Conroy Pit at 3pm in the afternoon. That time of the day is often a nice time weather wise as well as a little less busy in the parks.  A very informal and uncommitted way to get together, we have been meeting for over 4 years now.

Some times there are 3 owners with their dogs and other times there are 18.  No mater the number, the exchange of training tips, ideas and funny stories is a valuable part of the walks. We have seen many pups join our walks over the years and they certainly keep our older guys on their toes!   W e get a lot of attention in the park as we make our way through with our bunch of flag-tailed hooligans. Other walkers often stop us to ask about the breed and are so impressed with our dogs that we come together to walk and talk.

Through e-mails, word of mouth and posters we love to connect with other owners of Portuguese Water Dogs. C'mon out and walk with us!

Portie walk

Portie Walk

Back in 2005

Portie Walk 200

Portie Walk 200

Skijorring with PWD's!

March 2008 brought a few of us Ottawa PWD owners together again! This time though - for some Skijorring! With winter being so long here in Ottawa, we have to be creative with our PWD's to keep their MINDS and BODIES active! Okay, we have to do the same for ourselves too! So, a few of us went out to beautiful Cantley, Quebec and met with experienced Dog Powered Sports trainer Helen McGraw http://www.k9-companions.com/dps.shtml

Because our dogs were new at the commands of Skijorring and needed training, our clinic was done with us on snow shoes rather than X-Country skiis (as skijorring implies) so we would be able to concentrate on our dogs rather than our own legs / feet! We had a wonderful time and our dogs gained a new skill. Thanks Helen!

Bonita & Bella

Bonita & Bella

Coco & Faro

Coco & Faro

Cyndi & Fergus

Cyndi & Fergus

Darla and Sea-E

Darla & Sea-Enna

Randy & Baci

Randy & Baci



Water Works (Dry Land) Seminar

We had a great day on June 24th, 2007 with 15 dogs participating - All PWD's. We learned about the different levels of competition, watched some demontrations and got to practice some new skills. Thanks to Ursula and Donna for their expertise and sharing their knowledge with us. Thanks to all who made this event happen - You PWD owners!!!


The Dry Land Training Group


Bonita and Bella demonstrating a recall


Lucky demonstrating a bumper hold


Rowdy and Spencer cooling off


Tiago cooling off


Learning how to do the under water retrieve


Under water retrieve


The dreaded 3 foot line!


Spencer goes out for a retrieve.

dls tent

Coco (Faro's owner) putting up the tent for the Workshop...