"May you have a fair wind and a follwing sea"


Pictures our PWD's, Offspring and PWD friends in the Ottawa area.

jump in


Going for a swim... How many PWD's do YOU count...?

de la tour roll

Gemma standing and Cherry and Alma enjoying a roll in .... something....!

de la tour

de latour

Gemma, George, Alma, Dizzy, Grace, Cherry and Tiago - going for a walk on a closed road next to our property


Tiago in the snow

the morning drink

The "Morning Coffee'. Tiago licking his lips, George, Grace and Gemma, sharing the bowl...

march 2008

Having fun at our Skijorring class in 2008 ( a group of us went on a 'field trip' to Quebec to take a ski-jorring course)


Cyndi and Fergus learning to Ski-jor and Bella and Bonita behind us (trying to get us to move faster I think!

dog sledding

Cherry in the lead! And Tiago and Alma in behind.

waiting to come in

The 'Crew' wating to come in :-)

dog sledding

Up front, Cherry and Tiago. Behind is Grace pulling the toboggan with Rose and Russell on it in beatiful Larose Forest

waiting for dinner

Tiago, Dizzy, George, Gemma and Grace waiting outside the door for dinner time!

4 lined up

Tiago, George, Gemma and Grace Christmas Eve 2012 (Grace is the mother of George and Gemma and Tiago is Gemma's father.

And Tiago and George are both un-neutered males. No problem being together!

dry land

Another class of Dry Land Training at Cyndi & Rob's


Portie Walk in Ottawa at Conroy Pit


Learning the under water retrieve!

tiago cooling off

Tiago cooling off

cooling off

Rowdy and Spencer getting cooled off!


Lucky holding a dumbell

dry land

Cyndi and Fergus and Rob and Tiago at the dry land training class at Cyndi's place

dry land training

Dry Land Training at Cyndi's place

Helene kick sled

Helene Brunelle out on the trail with Fiesta and Bayou (a Tiago son) and Dentelle taking up the rear!

Helene kicksled

Helene Brunelle with Fiesta and Bayou kicksledding!! February 2010

walk 2009

Portie walk at Conroy October 2009

dry land training

Dry Land Training Work Shop Group 2007

Mina 2

Mina 1

Mina - on the run at Bruce Pit

Fall 2007 walk

Fall 2007 walk with Spencer, Keiko, Skipper, Oliver & our newest PWD friend Brinkley - from Nova Scotia! He now lives (and plays) in Ottawa - Welcome Brinkley

fall walk 2

Another picture from Fall walk 2007

Oliver begs

Oliver, at the Fall walk - no doubt - those pockets have treats!!

Kathy, Arctium, Lontra, Cyndi, Fergus and Lucky were there too - we were late... missed the gang...

Deacon & Lucky

Lucky and Deacon at the Ottawa Humane Society 2007 Walk-a-thon.

Jan. 2007 - left to right - tiago & fergus, lucky, alexi, spencer, lontra and arctium, keiko

A Spring Portie Walk at Conroy

Tiago & Fergus at Camp Dogwould 2006 - Doing their best to sit still by the water!!

Fergus and Tiago at Camp Dogwould 2006 - Had to go swimming!!!!


Fun in the Snow


Checkout these fine characters!! Did you dress your Portie up? Did you get a picture? Send it along......

Howl'een Fireman Lucky - Congrat's to Lucky in winning the 1st place Costume at the K9 Concepts Howl'een BBQ!

Howleen Fireman

Howl'een Cowboy Deacon

Howleen Cowboy Deacon

Howl'een Cowboy Tiago

howleen cowboy Tiago

Howl'een Bumblebee Fergus

Portie Walk at Conroy Pit

How any do you count!!??

how many do you count?!

Portie Scrum!

The youngest PWD at the walk - Sea-enna.


If you have a great pic of your PWD puppy dog in Ottawa please send it to me to add. Please attach a very brief desription and please format it to a JPEG and no more than 100kbs!

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