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Maritime Portie Owners Dog group - on Google!

Doesn't matter where you live - you can get in on the group! But ESPECIALLY if you are on the East Coast - it's time you got together!!


Hello, my name is Norm Starr

My company, PAWS-ITIVELY PERFECT TREATS manufactures all natural dehydrated and baked treats.

Our product line consists of dehydrated rabbit ears/flaps, beef spleen, beef heart, beef liver, pork heart, pork liver.

Baked tongue: lamb, beef and pork.

All treats are made from federally or provincially inspected meats.

We do not add any chemicals preservatives flavours or colour.

Dogs respond very quickly with the anticipation of these exceptional training treats.

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Norm Starr


Janice Starr
e-mail: star.pwd@sympatico.ca
Portuguese Water Dogs & Lagotto Romagnolo
Paws-itively Raw Foods
Paws-itively Charming (K9 Italian Charms)
Distributor Arctic Vigor (K9 omega 3/6 EFAs)

Hi there,

I am a PWD owner who lives just North of Toronto in Whitby. It's so nice to see a group of porti lovers getting together to produce a site like yours.
I have a personal webpage of our Porti, Sailor.
Sailor's website is http://woodlandfamilykennel.tripod.com/



Proceeds go to the PWD Foundation. Very Cool Portie Stuff!!

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