"May you have a fair wind and a following sea"

Harborlights Viva Alma Da Praia


D.O.B. : January 14, 2012

Wavy, Black with White Markings

Sire: AM. CH. Mhenrique Navigador Da Praia

Dam: Harborlights Tiny Dancer

OFA Hips: OFA Good <24 months

GM-1: Normal

PRA: Normal

Improper Coat: Carrier

JDCM: Probable Normal 1 - 1


Alma is an extremely sweet and affectionate dog. She is with us out of a very unfortunate situation. We just adore her and are thrilled to have her but it is a bitter-sweet situation.

She was bought and imported from the U.S. by my friend Kathy Blake of Port O'Kay Kennel. Many people in the Ottawa Area knew Kathy because of her love and dedication to PWD's. She had two PWD's, Arctium and Lontra before adopting Alma. Arctium was Kathy's first PWD and Lontra was purchased with the intentions of breeding. Kathy and Lontra had 3 litters before Lontra was spayed. Kathy adored having puppies around and kept close tabs on them after she sold them.

Kathy and Arctium

Kathy with Lontra and Arctium

Lontra, Kathy & Arctium

After Lontra was spayed, Kathy enjoyed her two adult dogs but still craved having puppies around. She found Alma in the U.S. She was very fortunate to make the acquaintance of Cathy Abbruzzese (Harborlights) and Rita O'Sylvia (Da Praia). Both wonderful ladies, who now I have the pleasure of knowing.

Baby Alma

Shortly after Kathy adopted Alma, Kathy became ill. After a long year and taking steps towards recovery, Kathy passed away due to complications.

Through this tragic turn of events, we took Alma with the intentions of adding her to our family and continuing Kathy's dream of having puppies.

While Kathy will not be physically here to enjoy Alma's puppies, we hope that she is here with us in spirit and we will take care of Alma in Kathy's honor.


Alma is a super sweet, floppy girl! She is curious, brave, loves to swim and gets along with any dog. She is more submissive than the other dogs and more wiggly. She will climb ladders, jump off of high spots, take the other dogs adventuring or go off on her own. She is a fish and loves to be in the water. If she's not in the water... she likes to be on the couch like a rag doll!


First day with us, meeting her new family

Checking our her new house

A goooood stretch after her hair cut

Alma after a hair cut

Feeling pretty comfy at home now....

A candid shot!

Becoming a country dog ;-)

Alma supervising the pond dig... I think she likes being a country dog!

"leash....? what leash???"

She LIKES the pond!!!! Happy face Alma

Okay... so, kind of a weirdly distorted picture but I was trotting, looking backwards and trying to take a picture....

Alma running next to Sunny on one of our dog / horse walks. All the dogs swim in the ponds in the forest and then race down the road with me and Sunny.