Courier Dog 2010

CH. Bridonport's Designated Diver "Tiago" CGN, RN, CDX, CWD

Tiago, Grace, Cyndi and Russell at the trial site.JPG

First Courier Pouch exchange to Rob.JPG

Rob sends Tiago back with the 2nd pouch.JPG

Sending Tiago for the Float Line on Shore.JPG

Tiago bringing the Line to boat.JPG

Cyndi re-directs him to pick it up and Give it to Hand after he drops it pre-maturely.JPG

Tiago delivers to Hand.JPG

Coming aboard after the exercise is finished.JPG

Sending him for the off shore side bumper in the Double Directed Retrieve.JPG

Delivery of bumper to Hand.JPG

Tiago retrieves the correct one.JPG

Now go get the other one!.JPG

Cyndi sends Tiago for the Net.JPG

Tiago receives the Net from Rob and starts back to deliver it.JPG

Tiago on his way dragging the 60 foot net.JPG

Delievery to hand.JPG

The dreaded Buoy Ball Drop! Tiago is directed to jump off the boat and return to take the ball.JPG

Off he goes with the ball.JPG

Cyndi praying... actually, I don't know what I was doing.....JPG

Tiago goes past the marker, still holding the ball.JPG

Keep going.....JPG

On the judges signal that he is in the correct area, Cyndi directs him to Drop it! Leave it and Come!.JPG



VERY happy family.JPG


Take a minute for a photo op!.JPG

Tiago the Courier Dog.JPG

Handsome boy.JPG

Courier Dog 2010.jpg

Courier Dog 2010 (2).jpg