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Bridonport's Third Time Lucky WWD


D.O.B. : March 22, 2005 fergus
Wavy, Black & White (Irish Marked)
Sire: CH. Questar's Betegeuse at Raffles
Dam: Hogan's I'm Moxie V Bridonport

Fergus was my second PWD. He came to me after being re-homed twice before 4 months of age.

Fergus has always been a handful and a very spirited dog. He is not an "easy" dog to handle but a very sweet and extremely playful dog.

Fergus is neutered.

Spirited, Enthusiastic, Playful, Driven, Impulsive

Update: As of February 20, 2010 Fergus lives in Thorndale, Ontario with a very wonderful family who adores him. Sadly for us we let Fergus go but he is undoubtly very happy to be the only dog in his new house. After 5 years of being the "bottom of the pack" Fergus is now living the life of a very happy, spoiled 'only dog' life. No more having to give up any toys, food or dog beds to another dog! I was heartbroken to let 'my' boy go but I know I did the right thing for him.

Fergus, loved by Darcy, Jennifer and Patrick

Fergus with Jennifer, Darcy and Patrick


Aug. 2009 - Fergus successfully completes the Working Water Dog level (twice!)

Fergus Working Water Dog

Under Judge Chuck Burbert at the beautiful Royackers facility in Ariss Ontario Fergus performed the Working Water Dog exercises like a Pro! It was so much fun to work with him and watch him do what we had been training for. He has so much drive and enjoys working in the water so much that it wasn't a surprise that he repeated his performance the next day! He is so fun to work with!!


Fergus jumping off the boat during a practice session. Sent to retrieve "3 articles overboard"

fergus jumping off boat during practice


Aug. 2008 Fegus successfully completes the Apprentice Water Dog level

Fergus AWD

Fergus acheived his Apprentice Water Dog title this past Aug. 2008. Again, with limited training due to other commitments and lack of training space he performed the Apprentice level excerises with style! We were both confident and having fun, we passed the level the first try. We attempted our Working Level exercises the next day, which was a "shot in the dark" due to REALLY limited training (we didn't have a boat, let alone 2 boats to practice with!) he did the first three exercises with gusto and then put everyone on the edge of their seats, breahless when he came so close but failed to jump off the 2nd boat to retrieve the bumper between two boats. Without a doubt in my mind, he missed this because of being nervous to jump off a boat that I was not on. Fergus's drive to retrieve is so compelling that it was not out of disobedience that he didn't jump - it was nerves. He went on to complete the final exercise without a problem! And although we didn't qualify - I was EXTREMELY impressed and proud of my little monkey's performance.

The trial site is gorgeous! If anyone gets a chance to visit Royackers training grounds in Ariss, Ontario, you won't be dissapointed! It was a great weekend!



Coming home in the van from from the Water Trials (with little Grace)

Fergus and Grace



Fergus dressed up as a bumble bee for Hallowe'en 2005

Fergus bee



Fergus wins the Duck retrieving contest at the end of the Water Trials 2008!

Okay... he bullied another dog for the winning duck... stole it from the other dog before the dog could cross the finish line... So Fergus took it from the dog and crossed the line first! Oh my boy!

Fergus duck race 1

Fergus jumping in the air (for joy of winning) for the ducky

Fergus with his duck

Fergus with his winning duck


Fergus puppy sharing the pool with Tiago and Buddy (my old Chow Chow)

sharing pool


Fergus, always a good friend, plays ball with puppy Grace

Fergus plays ball with Grace


Just hanging out...

Fergus standing


Fergus waiting for me to throw the bumper

Fergus waits for bumper