"May you have a fair wind and a follwing sea"

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Arabian Gelding

D.O.B. :May 1995 Dark Bay

Sire: My Haldron 1990 Dam: Jhayfara 1990

Gulliver was my first horse. I bought him in 2006 to do endurance riding.

I was lucky to be able to keep him at my house and although we only went on one official endurance ride, we did plenty of our OWN endurance rides.

We rode everyday on our own trails to walk as many as 11 dogs!

It was not uncommon to see Gulliver and I riding up main roads on adventures. We would ride to other horse facilities where I would ride with friends. Often leaving him there for a week or two and then ride him back home. We would do that several times a summer.

Gulliver is a well tempered horse that is confident and a touch dominant. Being Arabian, he has some 'heat' which I just used to 'manage' in our own backyard way. After having my two children, there just wasn't enough time to ride him and as he became more energetic from not being out everyday and me losing my nerve to handle the antics I decided to sell him in 2011. I found the perfect home for him and wished him well.

Fast forward 2 years and in a twist of fate I was able to buy him back! He was well cared for, very loved but the owner was now looking to move onto something a bit younger (as Gulliver was 18 yrs.) So, he joined Sunny Sept. 2013 here in Bourget.

Sunny and Gulliver

Rose giving Gulliver a kiss

Hacking out

Me on Sunny, taking the picture and Laura riding Gulliver, back of the pack on the right



Gulliver, Tiago, Fergus and Grace