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It began with Bridonport's Designated Diver "Tiago". I acquired him at 5 months ... Read More
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My biggest priority in breeding is for temperament. I want families to have loyal ... Read More
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Our Puppies

At 7 weeks, the puppies are individually temperament tested and then each ... Read More
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Breed Info

After falling in love with my own first two Portuguese Water Dogs, and ... Read More
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Interesting Links for Owners of Portuguese Water Dogs

For centuries, this seafaring breed existed everywhere along the coast of Portugal and is considered a purely Portuguese breed. Owing to modifications in the fishing systems used, the breed has become restricted to the province of Algarve which should be considered it's home. 

These links give those of us who love the PWD a little more to admire and look at. 

If you have a business or service related to Portuguese Water Dogs and their owners, by all means contact me to request the addition of your link to this page. 




Official site of The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Cananda

Official web site for the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America

Maritime Portie Owners Dog group - on Google!

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Portugese Water Dog - Official U.K.C. Breed Standard


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